Natural Butylene-glycol


A clear, odourless and colourless ingredient that has excellent hydrating properties.

Butylene-glycol can be used as a humectant to retain moisture in personal care ingredients, and also a viscosity decreasing agent which helps to reduce thickness and stickiness of formulations.

Flavour manufacturers may use butylene-glycol as a solvent to help dissolve and distribute flavouring agents in various applications. Its solvency properties can aid in achieving homogenous mixtures and consistent flavour profiles in products such as beverages and confectionery.

Skin care cream

The Molecule

1,3-butanediol, Natural
CAS Number 107-88-0
Formula weight 90.12 g/mol

OH Molecule structure illustration

Butylene-glycol works as a humectant moisturizer that forms a base for most personal care products. Ardra’s butylene-glycol is completely natural and allergen-free, unlike traditional petroleum-derived glycols.


Hydrating cream product

Used in hydrating gels


close up solvent cream

Excellent solvent for non-water-soluble ingredients


Woman using cleanser product

Base for cleansers, moisturizers, and masks


woman applying face care

Important ingredient in moisturizers


Viscosity difference between products

Viscosity reducing agents in cosmetic formulations



  • Animal-free
  • Plant-based
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Natural
  • Vegan

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