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Just being natural is not enough— we need our ingredients to also be sustainable and ethical.

Traditional natural ingredients obtained from botanicals and animal sources are not only limited by constraints of yield and scale, but they also come with huge environmental and social costs linked to mass deforestation, water shortages, animal cruelty, and unethical sourcing from disadvantaged communities. Ardra’s fermentation-based approach to ingredient production eliminates these problems, and more.

Fermenting renewable substrates to generate coveted ingredients is both natural and sustainable by nature.

Food, perfumery and cosmetics formulators can use our natural ingredients at a stable price point, reliable supply, and consistent quality, independent of seasonal variation, climate change, geopolitical disputes or natural disasters.

The Science Behind
What We Do

Engineering Biology



Fermentation Technology

Biochemical Engineering

Food Technology

Our Technology Platform

Ardra’s technology is based on engineering biology and precision fermentation. We design and construct benign microorganisms that convert sugar into rare natural ingredients, as well as novel ingredients.

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Pathway Discovery and Design
Simple and short pathway designed for industrial-scale production using proprietary algorithms.

Illustration of enzyme screening

High-throughput Enzyme Screening
Screening of proprietary enzymes libraries for desired activities and proof-of-concept level testing of designed pathways.

illustration strain engineering

Strain Engineering
Construction of cell-factories to produce ingredients from renewable raw material using engineering biology tools and techniques

illustration of precision fermentation

Precision Fermentation
Precise brewing process for producing ingredients at large-scale.

illustration of purification process

Efficient and food grade purification of ingredients and quality assurance.


Natural ingredients from lab to market, efficiently and ethically.

Impact on Sustainability

We care just as much about quality consumer experiences as we do about people and our planet’s future.

This is why we innovate and create high-quality ingredients that protect the environment without sacrificing authentic taste.





Our Culture

At Ardra, we believe in fostering safe work environment, ample growth opportunities, and overall wellbeing of our team.

We offer competitive compensation packages and benefits plans to ensure financial and health security. We encourage open communication, and embrace diversity in all its forms. We are aligned in our mission to make a positive impact on the sustainability of our food system and make our planet a better place for future generations.

Meet Our Team and Board

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