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Careers at Ardra

Ardra as a Workplace

We offer a culture that fosters employee happiness, engagement, and growth.

By prioritizing employee well-being, trust, inclusion, and work-life balance, we strive to create an environment where employees thrive, ultimately contributing to their success and the overall success of the business. Ardra encourages collaboration and teamwork at every level.

Open communication within the teams allows employees to express their ideas, concerns, and feedback, promoting a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Trust is a cornerstone and we encourage transparency and building strong relationships with their teams.

Employees are given autonomy, encouraged to take initiative, and recognized for their achievements. Ardra also offers competitive salary, and a comprehensive benefits program including medical, dental, life insurance, and long-term disability, without a probation period.

Ardra is an equal opportunity employer, values equity, diversity and inclusion, and prioritizes employee well-being and work life balance.

Employee Testimonial

“Initial days at Ardra were full of excitement, energy and a culture of inclusiveness. The team’s effectiveness at delivering complex ideas via simpler routes and appreciating input from everyone creates an ideal environment for science and technology to flourish.”

— Davinder Lall, Fermentation Specialist

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Employee Testimonial

“Most people going into an internship just think about growing the cells. Ardra added an extra layer of knowledge and problem solving, and that was really intriguing to me.”

— Manus Yu, Bioprocessing Intern

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Career growth & learning

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Diversity, equity & inclusion

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Ensure a work-life balance

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Comprehensive benefits

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